Excellence and hotel efficiency to give satisfaction and security to our clients, guests, employees and shareholders, providing them with quality products and services. Contributing to the economic and tourist development of the region through our commitment to excellence and innovation, generating continuous and sustainable growth over time.

To be in the year 2021 the most recognized hotel in La Romana RD., both for its infrastructure and its services. Providing excellent quality care, with modern facilities aimed at clients from the commercial, business and family sectors who visit the city, with a high occupancy nationally and internationally.


  • Humanism: The service that achieves a satisfactory experience is based on human capital. Horizontality and teamwork as management pillars.
  • Innovation: Detect new needs and find opportunities in a dynamic and changing market.
  • Hospitality: permanent improvement in care, comprehensively and with leadership profiles. We work as a team and take responsibility for our actions. We react to emergencies, but with discipline based on projection.
  • HonestyHuman quality that encompasses the commitment to truth inside and outside the company.
  • Respect Recognition of mutual interests and feelings, the basis of the social relationship internally and externally of the entity.
  • Loyalty and commitment to the client, the company and the collaborators.
  • Teamwork
    Development of camaraderie among collaborators that will allow us coherence and concordance in the actions to be taken.
  • Collaboration
    Consequence of teamwork to obtain joint results focused on clients.
  • Sincerity
    Demonstration of the truth, basic principle in the labor relationship and with the client.